About Us

Access Living has been providing supported living services for more than 25 years to people who experience developmental disabilities. We currently support more than 40 people with over 130 dedicated employees. We value courage, authenticity, service, respect and effectiveness in all aspects of our work.

Access Living employees bring experiences and values from a diverse range of backgrounds and life experiences. We work in partnership with clients to imagine and create solutions to overcome challenges small and large. We are pleased to celebrate the successes and positive contributions of our clients.



Administrative Team

Robbin Starr - Administrator

360.733.0214 ext. 204

Sara Shawn Johnston - Accounting Manager

360.733.0214 ext. 208

Operations Team

Jared Gardner - Operations Manager

360.733.0214 ext. 210

Prabhjeet Pamma - Human Resources Manager

360.733.0214 ext. 203

Emily Shiels - Training Manager

360.733.0214 ext. 209

Tashina Garcia - Program Coordinator

360.733.0214 ext. 214

Program Team

Gwen Gardner - Director

360.733.0214 ext. 208

Linda Kitchen - Program Manager

360.733.0214 ext. 207

Babette Vroman - Program Manager

360.733.0214 ext. 201

Galen Haven - Program Manager


Michael Cornelison - Program Manager


Field Team

Direct Support Professionals

The backbone of Access Living, our Direct Support Professionals come from all different places, backgrounds, and walks of life, bringing a whole world of life experiences to the table. Our ninety plus DSPs work day in and day out, one on one with clients to make sure they are able lead their lives to the fullest potential.

Lead Staff

Our Lead Staff work diligently under our Program Managers to make sure clients taking advantage of Access Living’s services receive the best support possible.