Supported Living

Access Living provides skilled support to people who experience developmental disabilities, in their own homes, throughout the community. A wide range of options and services are designed to assist clients to imagine and believe in the possibilities of their full potential. Programs and services are tailored to support each client’s abilities and goals. Key components of our services include:

Clients have the opportunity to gain skills in all aspects of their lives by making choices about daily living and long term goal planning. Supporting choices fosters strong independent living skills, a sense of self-worth and teaches the value of self-advocacy. Making choices empowers and recognizes the value inherent in being a participant in all aspects of living independently.

Access Living understands that being able to live independently is one of the most important goals of people experiencing disabilities. Our support of personal independence extends to all aspects of our services. By participating in all aspects of daily living, clients learn new skills and strive to achieve a greater degree of independence.

Access Living offers services designed to expand opportunities for people to live, work, and fully participate in their communities.
Services are uniquely designed to support each client. Individual accomplishments, goals and supports are reviewed at least annually with clients, family members, and others involved in supporting an independent life.

Support Hours
The number of hours we provide support depends on assessed need. We can provide as much as 24 hour 1:1 staff, more common is staffing at specific times as needed to teach and support life skills. We have an on-call system for clients, family members and others in the community to reach an agency staff 24 hours a day.

Most clients receive services through referrals by the Department of Developmental Disabilities, and receive core waiver services. Additionally, we provide services to people who are private pay when they have not qualified for core waiver services. For more information regarding this process contact your case resource manager at DDD or contact us here.